About Us

Hello Everyone

Welcome to our website ” Acne Base.” We are based in stunning New Zealand. There is myself, my partner and two beautiful teenage girls


Yip, we are not perfect

We have been blessed but as usual not everything has been perfect. Sun Aging, Acne, Hair Thinning and Loss, Diet deficiencies, Women Issues, Men Issues. They don’t define us but finding the right products and getting the results we want has taken time.

It can shake the confidence, it can take its toll, We wonder if because of this, that didn’t happen. Little Niggles and in some cases big ones.

What upsets us is not necessarily what upsets others but it is still real.

Our Goal and Hope

We want to bring you the best reviewed products one by one and not just splat against the wall. We want everyone to have the confidence they deserve, to be able to face the day without the twinges that only we can feel.

You can feel beautiful both inside and out.

Shar and Mike


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