Adult Acne for Men – Why?

Acne in MenWe are past our teen years, some of the joys of childhood we want to retain as adults but I’m picking in most cases Adult Acne is not one of them. If you have adult acne, you can insert some bad language here as it certainly deserves it.

As an issue this has to rate as one of the most irritating ones, not meant to be a pun, a grown man can have, it can be the occasional spot or a fully fledged pimple attack, we don’t want them, so how come we get them!!

What Causes Adult Acne in Men

It is caused by the same things that caused in acne in our teens. Just for the record over 10% of men over the age of 25 get acne. If it makes you feel any better the percentage in women is higher. Back to the cause; it is caused by an excess secretion of sebum in the sebaceous glands and in men we have over 900 of these per centimeter on our face. Sebum mixes with bacteria, white blood cells move in to help heal and this produces a pimple.

There are lots of different factors that contribute to Acne prone skin in the adult male, the list is long but here are a few of the reasons.

In case you just want to get to the solution now and not read any further. There are two products that we recommend, both are very effective in treating acne in men. Both require a few steps in getting rid of acne but follow their instructions and you should be OK. The first covers all ages, which is fine as the cause is the same, it has a 98% success record and a money back guarantee plus they have specials and free shipping sometimes. Head over to products/kits, the middle kit has everything you need.

The second option is made exclusively for adults, it is a very good product that has been flying under the radar but I would certainly recommend this product if you want to go for an adult only version.

For those that want to read on. The reasons we get acne.


It doesn’t matter what form of stress or where it comes from. This does not help breakouts. Stress causes an increase in androgens and this stimulates your sebaceous glands and you start producing more sebum, which you don’t want. Androgens are the hormones which develop male traits and while this is a good thing too many is not.

Excessively Dry Skin

Some of us try to reduce oil and acne by drying out our skin. We think, dry skin, no oil, better for the skin. Not so. By trying to do this it causes our sebaceous glands to go into overdrive as they try to bring your skin’s oil level back into balance. This overdrive mode creates too much oil, leaving you at a higher risk for breakouts.


You are what you eat and drink – generally, you are, whatever you put in your body. Take notice of how your diet affects your skin. For some men, drinking alcohol, eating certain foods, and using some prescription medications can all cause breakouts. If you are experiencing an increase in acne, review any recent lifestyle changes to try to root out the cause of the problem.

Chemicals and Irritants

Some chemicals and irritants in the skincare products you’re using can cause inflammation and lead to acne. Inflamed skin is more likely to see a build of up white blood cells, causing pimples to appear. These are the easy chemical and irritants to fix. To avoid this, choose skincare products for men made with gentle, natural ingredients. Know your skin and avoid any ingredients that tend to cause irritation, redness, or other negative reactions. A recommendation is noncomedogenic – it doesn’t block the pores.

Chemicals and Irritants in our surroundings are more difficult to control but be aware, especially if you work in an industry which brings you into contact them.

How to Treat Adult Acne

Step One

Clean your skin gently.

Don’t get all vigorous with it, this may actually make things worse. Use only your fingertips (no nails) or a soft washcloth. Clean all the areas, initially don’t go near break out areas, you can save this for last as you don’t want to spread any of the bacteria. When you have done all the areas on your face ( and if need be other parts of your body) then move onto the breakout areas. If you are a sporty type a double wash at night is a good idea, clean, rinse and repeat.

Step Two

Use a Toner or Astringent

This helps remove excess oils and helps tone and hydrate the skin and depending on the ingredients it can help on blackheads and acne. Apply the product on a cotton ball or pad and gently smooth all over the face (and any other areas) and neck to help remove the last bits of cleanser and oil.

You do have to be a little bit careful of your skin type as you don’t want to dry out your skin too much or if you have oily skin you want it to be effective. It may be best to try to avoid products with too much alcohol ( do not drink it!!).

This step can be missed if you find it’s creating too much havoc with your skin but with the products we recommend it should be fine.

Step Three

Apply Acne Treatment

After the toner has dried completely or after your face is completely clean and dry – don’t get vigorous with drying, patting the skin is better than rubbing it like crazy. Smooth on your acne treatment as directed. Let the treatment absorb or dry completely before going to the next step.

Step Four

Apply an Oil Free Moisturizer or Gel.

Before you say I’m crazy – you wouldn’t be the first though. It may seem like adding a moisturizer to already oily skin is counter-intuitive but this is an important step so please don’t skip it. Acne treatments can dry out the skin, so to reduce dry and peeling skin apply this twice a day.

Your moisturizer shouldn’t leave your skin feeling slick and greasy, good treatments are easily absorbed by the skin and won’t aggravate acne.


Keep it Up

So this is three or four steps, a couple of songs long in the morning and evening – or whatever you choose to do to offset the time.

If this sounds all too much then the only other answer is to have pimples and hopefully time will take care of it.

It will take a bit of money but if it will help your skin and self-esteem is it worth it?

A couple of other things that I have been asked. What about red light treatment? This does help but you don’t want to swap out all the above steps for this. Red light is more like another step you can do but not a substitution for the above. The other thing is about sun protection, with or without acne this is hugely important. With acne, a lot of the treatments you use may make your skin more susceptible to sun damage, it’s no good to get rid of acne but look 90 when you are 29 or 39!!! It’s not that bad but be aware that sun damage is a possibility. A lot of moisturizers do contain a SPF factor, if yours doesn’t then look for a sunscreen for the face as these tend to be less oily and perfumed.

Back to our recommendations

Just think if you can follow along this regimen for 30 days or so how will you feel with the improvement you will see. Your friends may even ask you what you have done to get rid of acne as they want to do the same.

If you have found this article helpful just leave your comments below.




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