Best Acne Treatment for Teenage Guys – You don’t have to hide

Before we get into it. The biggest thing and it is a thing, is do not pick, prod, pop or play with your pimples. A couple of reasons, one, you may spread the bacteria into a new area and then you can potentially end up with another war on your hands!! Two, this may promote scarring and when you get your acne under control you don’t want to be left with scars all over your face.teen boy with acne

The best acne treatment for teenage guys starts with creating a habit. It will not disappear overnight and you can’t take a pill for it so it goes away. It takes a bit of time morning and night and you have to be as consistent as you can with the treatment.

The acne treatment itself is easy but there are a few other steps you’ve got to take as well, if you do all the steps then you should see a noticeable difference in the first month. As with all things in life you can determine how effective the outcome will be, give up a bit of time and see results or carry on doing what you are doing or don’t be consistent in your treatment and wonder why it’s not working

I could have recommended any number of products but why not start with what we consider to be the best available, it is 98% effective against acne, they have thousands of happy customers and they offer a money back guarantee ( a real one). Also, when you order there are often specials and free shipping. When you get to the site head over to products/kits, these seem to be the best value and the middle kit has everything you need. Follow this link if you are interested.

Step One

Clean your skin gently.

Don’t get all vigorous with it, this may actually make things worse. Use only your fingertips (no nails) or a soft washcloth. Clean all the areas, initially don’t go near break out areas, you can save this for last as you don’t want to spread any of the bacteria. When you have done all the areas on your face ( and if need be other parts of your body) then move onto the breakout areas. If you are a sporty type a double wash at night is a good idea, clean, rinse and repeat.

Step Two

Use a Toner or Astringent

This helps remove excess oils and helps tone and hydrate the skin and depending on the ingredients it can help on blackheads and acne. Apply the product on a cotton ball or pad and gently smooth all over the face (and any other areas) and neck to help remove the last bits of cleanser and oil.

You do have to be a little bit careful of your skin type as you don’t want to dry out your skin too much or if you have oily skin you want it to be effective. It may be best to try to avoid products with too much alcohol ( do not drink it!!).

This step can be missed if you find it’s creating too much havoc with your skin but with the products we recommend it should be fine.

Step Three

Apply Acne Treatment

After the toner has dried completely or after your face is completely clean and dry – don’t get vigorous with drying, patting the skin is better than rubbing it like crazy. Smooth on your acne treatment as directed. Let the treatment absorb or dry completely before going to the next step.

Step Four

Apply an Oil Free Moisturizer or Gel.

Before you say I’m crazy – you wouldn’t be the first though. It may seem like adding a moisturizer to already oily skin is counter-intuitive but this is an important step so please don’t skip it. Acne treatments can dry out the skin, so to reduce dry and peeling skin apply this twice a day.

Your moisturizer shouldn’t leave your skin feeling slick and greasy, good treatments are easily absorbed by the skin and won’t aggravate acne.

The flash name you should be looking for is noncomedogenic which basically means it won’t clog the pores of the skin. If you are getting a range of products for the treatment of acne then the product should be noncomedogenic but it does pay to check.

As mentioned this is the best acne treatment we have found for teenage guys

Keep it Up

So this is three or four steps, a couple of songs long in the morning and evening – or whatever you choose to do to offset the time.

If this sounds all too much then the only other answer is to have pimples and hopefully time will take care of it.

It will take a bit of money but if it will help your skin and self-esteem is it worth it?

A couple of other things that I have been asked. What about red light treatment? This does help but you don’t want to swap out all the above steps for this. Red light is more like another step you can do but not a substitution for the above. The other thing is about sun protection, with or without acne this is hugely important. With acne, a lot of the treatments you use may make your skin more susceptible to sun damage, it’s no good to get rid of acne but look 90 when you are 19!!! It’s not that bad but be aware that sun damage is a possibility. A lot of moisturizers do contain a SPF factor, if yours doesn’t then look for a sunscreen for the face as these tend to be less oily and perfumed.

Just think if you can follow along this regimen for 30 days or so how will you feel with the improvement you will see. Your friends may even ask you what you have done to get rid of acne.

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  1. Acne can be a big problem for teenagers in general.  They already have so much to deal with at that age, when everything in  their bodies is changing and on top of that some have to deal with the acne aspect as well.

    Thank you for taking the time and writing an article about that. I’m sure many teenage guys look for answers and ways of dealing with acne. The steps that you are suggesting are not too hard to follow so I’m sure that many struggling teenagers will give it a try. Like you said, it should only take about 30 days to start seeing the difference. 

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